Mayhew Interior Office Design
Combining Sophistication, Elegance and Optimal Productivity

Appearance shouldn't matter... but it does. Mayhew's uniquely crafted interior designs seamlessly merge artistic beauty with revenue-boosting function.

The Mayhew team incorporates a 3 step proven process for creating the ideal workspace design that exceeds your expectations.

Step 1: Exploration & Analysis

Our process begins with a thorough investigation of your business brand and corporate culture. Like people, organizations have personalities; Mayhew's aim is to create a design that reflects a company's traits while staying firmly within the boundaries of building and fire codes, healthy work solutions, and overall safety. Through responsible partnerships with clients, Mayhew will get your interior design project off to a smart start.

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Interior designs that dazzle and inspire

Our primary objective is to produce functional workspaces with visual appeal. That's the reason why Mayhew's professional interior designers spend time upfront evaluating a customers' business model and plan. Once we have a complete understanding of an organization's desired financial goals and corporate culture, we can develop the perfect work environment to make those goals a reality. Lots of clients have already reaped the rewards of partnering with Mayhew; we look forward to helping other businesses realize their vision through the power of creative interior designs.

Our commitment to you

You work hard for every penny you earn. We respect and share that attitude.

Mayhew never skimps on any aspect of a project, as we believe forming lasting, trusting relationships is paramount to success for all parties. From the beginning, we're here to share our expertise and increase your revenue streams through aesthetically-pleasing and functional interior designs.

Many of Mayhew's team members are part of the respected Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) and have been recognized for their outstanding work by being awarded prestigious ARIDO Awards

Office Interior Design Awards

Project management

Mayhew believes in streamlined processes to keep everyone in sync. Our project management team takes the helm to ensure that progress is being made in a timely fashion and within your budget.

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More than a buzzword, "ergonomics" is the science behind a healthy workplace that encourages positivity, productivity and loyalty. Mayhew Ergonomic Consulting will help your workforce understand how to make the most of the latest research on keeping people injury-free on the job.

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